For the strategic use of new media is an online platform aimed at stirring its users toward good practices and improved strategies when using Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and social media for advocacy, campaigning, mobilization, dissemination of information, crowdsourcing and more.

Who are we? We are members of the Sudanese independent civil society who want to share our digital advocacy experiences and knowledge with a wider audience in Sudan.

This resource is specifically designed for and aimed at the Sudanese civil society in its most diverse sense; including journalists, pro-democracy activists, youth movement members, those working in the humanitarian sector, as well as non-organized citizens seeking to increase their civic participation in the public domain and online.

Our discussion (through this bilingual blog and our social media platforms) will shed light on how digital activism is being used, when it is successful; and what impact it has on social movement processes and on the scale of change. We will draw from the experience of Sudanese youth movements and civil society groups that actively use new media and ICTs; as well as from the regional and international experience of the civil society in countries such as: Egypt, Iran and Kenya to mention a few. This will be done by providing a rich array of case studies, audio interviews, analysis, theories and examples to help guide you toward being better digital communicators; designing better online campaigns and understanding what combination of digital tools can work to serve you more efficiently.

The main aim of is to improve your online communications and advocacy strategies, and expand your tools beyond what is traditionally used. In most cases will not teach you how to use these tools as much as it will guide you toward resources to investigate the tools and enrich your understanding on how to use certain applications to their maximum potential when working for peaceful social change and expanded civic participation.

We will delve into a range of concepts and tools that include: blogging, twitter, crisismapping, crowdfunding, digital security and visual documentation.

Our team: 

Dalia Haj-Omar: is the creative mind behind and the main researcher and writer.

Azaz Shami: is our talented translator and the editor of the Arabic page of

Mosaab Baba: is our web designer and provides support for all IT related issues.

We welcome your comments via twitter, Facebook or the “contact us” field on this website.