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Some Useful Social Media Applications

Posted: July 22, 2014 at 8:39 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Below are applications that can boost your social media experience. Some of them work with a number of  social media platforms such as, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Fliker, Google+ and others. However, this is not a comprehensive list of social media applications. We will be discussing others in future posts.

1. Storify: can curate stories using content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Fliker and others. It is a great way to amplify and/or curate a twitter campaign or a critical event for documentation and sharing with those not on twitter, or who were not part of the conversation or where not following the event on social media closely. Here’s an example of a storify that captured a campaign on Sudan’s Public Order Law that took place in September 2013.

2. Speak to Tweet: This is ideal in situations where the internet is not working and people need to communicate and share news urgently.  “Speak to Tweet” allows you to call a number to record a message that is then tweeted on the web. (To see and hear those tweets go to: This feature was used for the first time during the Egyptian revolution when the Mubarak regime shut down access to the global internet for a few days. Similarly, A “Speak to Tweet” account was also set up for Sudan during #SudanRevotls when there were fears that the Sudanese government might cut the internet and it was reactivated after the Sudanese government shutdown the internet for 24 hours on September 25, 2013.

3. BufferApp: Lets you schedule tweets and create a buffer that will be automatically posted. This is ideal for online newspapers with a lot of new daily content and limited staff dedicated to tweeting. It also shares content from Facebook, LinkendIn and Google+ and allows an invited team of users to access one account, hence ideal for institutions.

4. Thunderclap: a great app for online advocacy campaigns that calls itself a “crowd speaking” platform. It was first used by the Obama administration to speak out for gun control. Since then it has been used by many. Thunderclap permits users to leverage on the power of their twitter followers and Facebook friends by asking them to donate their tweets and Facebook status updates to a cause. If they agree, there will be a synchronized blast of tweets and Facebook posts to create attention. To start open an account on the thunderclap page, create a short message that you want others to share, and invite your network to support you. The platform has it’s analytics to help users track in numbers the level of support generated.

5. Wefollow: is a directory of prominent people on twitter organized by interest or theme.

6. Trendsmap: tells you what topics and hashtags are most trendy by geographic region.

7. shortens long URL links. Most useful for use with twitter.

8. can be used with Twitter and Facebook to turn RSS feed into an online newspaper that is customized by topics or themes.

9. Flipboard: mainly for use on smartphones and tablets, this app takes content from your social media account, such as twitter and facebook and turns them into an easy to view magazine. You can also customize and produce your own magazines based on specific themes. Download it from the google or apple stores.

10. TweetDeck/HootSuite/Tagboard: These are dashboards for managing multiple social media accounts and useful for creating analytics and reports. Hootsuite also archives hashtags or other Twitter searches.

11. Twestival: is a global movement of volunteers using social media to mobilize communities for a one-time charitable event in support of a cause they care about. All events are 100% volunteer-run, and 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales and donations go directly to a charitable project.

12. this application cleans out your email from unwanted clutter, especially newsletters and email lists you are subscribed to. After signing in, it identifies all your subscriptions and gives you the option to either subscribe or to “roll” subscriptions into one email that you receive periodically.