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Why you need a blog in the age of twitter and Facebook

Posted: June 5, 2014 at 8:26 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you’ve heard/read the interviews with our guests: blogger/author Amir Ahmad Nasr and cultural analyst Omnia Shawkat you should be convinced by now that blogging remains an important tool even in the age of social media. Below we have distilled their words of wisdom on why blogging still matters in the age of Facebook and twitter:

  • A blog centralizes your presence online in one place that is easily searchable and archivable: by using widgets you can display your twitter, Facebook and other social media timelines on your website. Blogs also have more advanced searching and archiving functions, and hence are ideal for documenting and research. Facebook and twitter pages are hard to search and therefore difficult to do research on; or to retrieve older posts from.
  • Deep flushed-out thinking, reflection and debate, as opposed to brief status updates and comments: this can include creative writing, political analysis, photo documentary and/or video blogging.
  • Anonymous blogging: can give you the freedom to express yourself and engage with others without fear, especially when addressing topics that are considered taboos by the authorities or the society.
  • The creation of a “counter-narrative”: in countries where freedom of expression and association are under attack and where most of the media is state controlled, a sizable blogosphere can challenge the dominant State propaganda; and create a counter-narrative based on the sharing of collective citizen grievances.
  • The creation of “alternative public spaces”: when freedom of assembly is limited the blogosphere, just like social media platforms, offers possible spaces of assembly and discussion. Those spaces, however are not always safe as most governments are conducting heavy surveillance on social media platforms nowadays!